• SMS Gateway for WordPress
    Top-tier SMS Gateway
    For WordPress
  • Harness the power
    of your Android device
  • Send and receive SMS
    Send and receive SMS
    Locally & Remotely
  • SMS-to-POST
    Publish short posts
    with no Internet connection!

Features Top-tier SMS Gateway at your fingertips

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  • WordPress SMS Gateway
  • Android SMS Terminal

  • We use disk storage to avoid database connection latency
  • All your data is invisible from the web
  • Disk operations are atomic

  • We use the BlowFish algorithm for gateway-terminal communication
  • This means a man-in-the-middle attack is not possible for your terminals even if you're using a public network
  • The handshake is done automatically on registration so you don't have to worry about keys and hashes

The Android APK we provide is free as in free beer:

  • No contract
  • No bills
  • No in-app purchases
  • No ads

  • You may choose to set your terminals in Debug mode in order to test things out without paying for SMS
  • If you decide to stop sending SMS from your device, simply enable the Stop mode
    • You can use the web interface to send SMS messages in bulk
    • You can manage your active terminals
    • You can also use WordPress hooks to send and receive SMS messages

    This means you don't need to buy a new phone for your SMS Gateway, you could use your old Android device just fine

    • Send and receive SMS messages from any website using any technology (Node.js, ASP.net, Java, PHP etc.) via your WordPress website
    • Communication between the remote server and your WordPress website is encrypted

    • You can use as many gateways per terminal as you want
    • You can control each gateway's ping interval and operation mode

    This is very useful if you want all of your WordPress websites to send SMS messages through just one Android device.

    • You can use as many terminals per gateway as you want
    • Your costs for local SMS messages will be near zero, unlike any other SMS Gateway

    Power-up your WordPress website
    with unlimited SMS capabilities